Specifications are available in .doc form for you to copy and paste into your plans. On-staff engineers from Redi-Scapes' corporate office are available to assist you—call (866)222-8400 with questions.

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With Redi-Scapes, you have all the design elements you need to coordinate your hardscaping project including retaining walls blocks, freestanding blocks, column blocks, coping and steps. With the standard Redi-Scapes blocks, you can build convex and concave walls, 90 degree corners, staircases, water features, planters and more.

What truly sets Redi-Scapes apart is the way Redi-Scapes combines the texture and colors of natural stone with the structural benefits of architectural precast concrete. Each Redi-Scapes block is cast in a mold taken from actual quarried stone. The result is structural walls that will stand the test of time and also have a natural stone look you will be proud to show off to your friends and family.

To find out more about Redi-Scapes or to start designing your next hardscaping project, contact your local Redi-Scapes manufacturer today!

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Natural Look, Engineered Function: Redi-Scapes walls capture the look of a stacked stone wall, but can be engineered to create a wall that will stand the test of time.